Gluetek Mena

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Gluetek Mena
Office 509 - 5th Floor
Dar Al Salam Building
Corniche St. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Phone: +97125222750

Fax: +97126781070

Gluetek Mena

United States Distribution Headquarters: Gluetek


European Distribution Headquarters: Gluetek Europa


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We work with distributors throughout the world, serving the international market. Please contact our sales office to place an order by phone or email if you have an account with us. If you do not have an account with us, you may contact our sales office in order to be connected with a local distributor.

Shipping & Delivery

If there is no local distributor serving your direct area, products can be shipped from either our Brooklyn, New York or Ontario, Canada warehouse locations. If shipment is required, please contact us for a quote. For large wholesale orders, shipping is arranged by pallet from our Canadian manufacturing plant. We maintain stock of all our products lines at our warehouses in Canada and New York. Please call ahead to confirm availability. Orders may take up to seven (7) business days to be ready for pickup.